RIMMBA a sustainable and ethical collection

A beautiful assortment of sustainable and ethically produced clothing for the modern woman. We design garments for women who are moving away from fast fashion and are looking to wear and cherish timeless pieces which have been designed and sewn with dignity by our team here in Bali. We are a slow fashion brand, minimizing our footprint of this planet and being mindful of our production processes from start to finish. We only use natural fabrics, from silk, linen, cotton and ramie, as we believe only in fabrics which will biodegrade and will therefore not end up in landfill. 

RIMMBA collection design 

Our designs range from handmade silk slip dresses, to elegant silk blouses, natural pants, summer dresses, vintage overalls and regenerated/ recycled swimwear. We have an assortment of designs for both daytime and evening-wear, all designed with elegance and comfort in mind. We make all women feel sexy, elegant and beautiful. RIMMBA designs accentuates all women's body shapes, and is flattering for all body types. 

Sustainable fabric and natural dye : 

Our silk collection is made from the highest-grade mulberry silk and hand-dyed using low-impact dyes or natural dyes local to Indonesia. One of our missions at RIMMBA is to promote the traditions of natural dyes in textiles here from Indonesia. We work with artisans in different parts of Bali to help dye our fabrics using leaves, bark, wood, flowers, berries and other plant materials. We are grateful for mother-natural and the colors she fruits us.