RIMMBA Heritage Botanical Dyes :

RIMMBA was inspired by our love for plants and natural dye textiles. At RIMMBA we are committed to preserving heritage botanical dye and artisan dye traditions. We are lucky to call Indonesia our home and have access to such a diverse set of Flora which we can use for dyeing textiles. We wanted to incorporate Indonesia's traditional dying techniques, with  modern and current fashion design for young women all across the globe. We wanted to educate and inspire the young generation that botanical dyes are capable of being exciting and current, and are not just reserved for traditional cultures or an older demographic. 


RIMMBA natural Dye garments : 

Our Natural Dye collection consists of elegant evening-wear, as well as day to day designs for the modern women. A combination of silk slip dresses, silk blouses and other silk garments / accessories, all dyed using local plants here in Bali. We also included cotton and linen natural dye garments, such as overalls, jumpsuits, sun dresses and pants for day time activities. The collection designs are 100% dyed using plants native to Indonesia; from Indigo, Ketapang to Secang and Mango leaf, the primary colors are often mixed together to create secondary colors. Our cotton, linen dresses and other garments are designed for comfort and functionality, yet still very stylish and classy.