RIMMBA Jumpsuits and overalls :

Our secret love for jumpsuits and overalls have become an integral part of our collections. We believe it is one of the most comfortable and timeless garment to ever own. A must have for all seasons, whether it be summer, spring, fall or winter, a jumpsuit will always look cute. Our Jumpsuit collection is inspired by the classic overalls from the 90s, which will always be stylish, comfortable and practical. 

Overalls / Jumpsuit fabric and design : 

Each Overall and jumpsuit is hand-dyed using low impact dyes, or natural dyes local to Indonesia. We pride ourselves on the quality of our fabrics, ethical production and promote slow fashion over fast fashion. Our overalls are made using 100% cotton corduroy, and our jumpsuit are made from a linen blend fabric. We believe in only using 100% natural fabric, to assure RIMMBA pieces will biodegrade naturally and will also not shed toxic piles. 

Who made your overalls and jumpsuits ?

We design so women can feel connected to their overalls and jumpsuit. At RIMMBA we pride ourselves not only on quality, but also on transparency and customer service. With us, you know who designs, sews and dyes your garments. Our team takes all our customers measurements into the design process to insure the fit and overalls fit perfectly on your body. Overtime we have also learned to know who our customers are and have developed a loyal and loving relationship with them.