RIMMBA silk blouses : 

Our silk blouse collection is inspired by the modern crop design. Flattering, flirty and feminine, they drape beautifully on all body shapes and sizes. Our Dewi blouse made from silk satin, features the classic collared neckline, long sleeves with wide cuffs, and a deep V front tie knot. Our silk chiffon Zena blouse, inspired by the 70s elegant crop tops, features ruffles along the neckline, sleeves and bust area. Secured with two mother of pearl buttons. 

Sustainable Fabric Choices

We only use 100% mulberry silk fabrics for all our RIMMBA blouses. Natural fabrics are at the heart of our brand, as we make sure our fabrics are biodegradable and do not end up in landfill. Furthermore our designs are dyed using low impact dyes or botanical native to Indonesia. We try to be ethical and sustainable in all our production stages and have a zero waste policy. Leftover, cut out fabrics from our RIMMBA silk blouses will continue to be used-in other smaller up cycled designs.