Our Dress Collection :

We are known to make beautiful and stunning dresses, from silk, linen, cotton and other natural fabrics. We love to highlight femininity and accentuate shapes and sizes of all women. Our RIMMBA silk dress collection was designed to make women feel sexy, elegant and luxurious. Cut on the bias our silk dresses makes our women feel like a goddess. Our cotton and linen dresses were designed for daytime events, with a loose-fit style, making it comfortable for any occasion during spring and summer. All our dress designs, are made with high quality fabrics and exceptional sewing. We take special care to sew each and every dress for our customer with love. 

Natural Fabrics

In line with our ethos, of sustainable and ethical fashion, here at RIMMBA we only use  natural fabrics, such as silk, linen, cotton and ramie. We only use natural fabrics in our designs to minimize the impact we have on this planet. We choose natural fabrics as they are biodegradable and will return to the earth as they breakdown.