RIMMBA Pant Collection : 

Our bottom collection includes corduroy shorts, mini skirts, silk pants and cotton pants. We have a selection of pant designs which can be paired with our matching blouses. We are always designing with comfort as a big feature to our designs. RIMMBA pants are all loosely fitted designs, with comfortable elastic waistbands and room to move around. Our cotton pants are all one-size, as they stretch comfortably between different body sizes. 

Pant Design : 

Our Akasha Cotton pants was our very first RIMMBA design to be apart of our collection. It remains till this day our bestseller and favorite from all our customers. Made from 100% cotton crinkle, the pants are lightweight, easy breezy and a must have for any holiday getaway. Another all time favorite is our Nindy silk pant, which was designed as a versatile, simple silk pant to match with any blouse or shirt for any fancy occasion. Its small elastic waistband is what makes this design not only luxurious and flattering, but also very comfortable. Our Meeko Silk maxi skirt, also is flattering for all women, as it is cut on the bias and falls to accentuate the women's curves. Lastly, our cotton corduroy shorts are made for spring and summer outdoor activities, they feature hidden pockets and embroidery of our botanical logo on the left side pocket. Inspired by the 80s vintage corduroy shorts, these guys are fun to pair with T-shirts or crop-tops.